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CMT’s Smart Cap® Featured on Fox News Special

Our Smart Cap® was a featured story on FOX 21 News Colorado Springs, with our cap be worn by several youth football players form the 719Legends league.  Our cap performed exceptionally well, transmitting real time helmet to helmet impact data wirelessly to a smart phone.  Congratulations ...

CMT Demonstrates Smart Cap® to Team of Sports Executives

CMT successfully demonstrated The Smart Cap® being worn with a catcher’s mask and impacts inflicted on the helmet.  The major sports league executives and their staff were impressed with the Smart Cap’s® performance and ability to transmit data live and real time to an iPhone. ...

CMT Completes Testing of Smart Cap TM with MLB Catcher’s Mask in Lab

Smart Cap TM performs well, measuring impacts across all zones of a MLB level catcher’s mask up to 150 Gs of acceleration....

CMT Begins NEXTGen Smart Cap Development

It is good now but will soon be great—faster, smaller, lighter.  Measuring the big four in impacts to the brain: 1)   Location of Impact 2)   How long of an impact 3)   Type of force 4)   Magnitude of force...

CMT Receives More Favorable News from USPTO on Trademarks

USPTO letters indicate we are on track for additional trademark named rights in the over the head protection and sensor space!...

Smart CapTM 3.01 Completes Testing-Ver 3.02 Progressing

Lab and field testing yields further enhancements to the Smart CapTM Still, the most advanced over the head sensing system ---ever....

Smart Cap 3.0 -11 Phased Test Underway

All 11 phases of the Smart Cap 3.0 will be tested, beginning with in house lab, on field, and with a local engineering firm.  ...

Testing Up to 180Gs of The Smart Cap.

We successfully testing up to 180Gs with helmet and our Smart Cap.  Our Smart Cap successfully tracked forces up to this range!...

The Smart Cap-TM Film Gets Lauded-Here is a Film Update!

Our Smart Cap film continues to get praises.  We made a few updates in studio with 3DFX.  Here is an update:


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