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CMT Adds NFL and Chicago Bears Great Donnell Woolford to its Board!

We welcome Mr. Donnell Woolford, former NFL and Chicago Bears great to our Board of Directors and Advisers!

CMT Files Additional Patents

CMT files more patents with the USPTO in  helmet technology and concussion mitigation devices....

CMT Welcomes William Hannon to our Board!

Bill joins CMTs board, bringing his credentials from Intel with him in the sensor and RF design space....

Testing of Smart Cap™ Ver 1.6 Against the Gold Standard Proceeding

Testing across all 8 zones of the head form continues with the Smart Cap™ sensing system performing exceptionally in detecting and reporting hits in excess of 150Gs....

CMT Welcomes Mr. Steve Lewis, CEO of Xlnt Brain, to our Board

CMT is pleased to announce Mr. Steve Lewis officially joining our board.  His contributions have already been appreciated!  Welcome Steve!...

CMT Contracts with Infinite 3dFX Films

CMT partners with Infinite 3DFX again to produce engineering and marketing films in support of The Smart Cap™ and the Electronic Neck Brace™.   We look forward partnering with this team, whose credentials include Academy Award nominations....

Concussion Community--Don't Be a Lemming!

A Head and Helmet Sensing System Must be Accurate. A Helmet is only as good as its force absorption and dissipation properties—particularly in dealing with how long the force is present! That’s why you have to have accurate measurements within the helmet—to inform officials and you—of the...

Smart Cap™ V.1.5 On Its Way!

CMT Technologies continues its progression with the Smart Cap™. Version 1.5 features include reduced geometry and augmented sensing for rotational movement. V. 1.6 will feature wireless technology, and testing against the gold standard! In the end, it will all integrate with The Internet of Thi...

Concussion Mitigation Technologies Files Copyrights on Smart Helmet® and Smart Cap ™ Documents and Databases

The Smart Helmet® System Architecture, Engineering, Integration, and Test Volume III, The Smart Helmet® System Database, and the The Smart Cap™ Software Architecture documents  were submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. Several other published and unpublished documents...


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