Latest Developments

Work Begins on The Digital Bit Map of The Brain© for The Smart Helmet®

Here is our Pre-Frontal Cortex Digital Bit Map of The Brain© module for The Smart Helmet®:

NFL-Under Armour selects us as a semi finalist in contest!

We are very pleased to announce that we have been selected to advance to the next round as a semifinalist in the NFL-Under Armour Head Health Challenge III.  We are now moving toward a more advanced prototype of the Smart Helmet® technologies and materials for this open competition and innovat...

Telemetry Plan and Extended Range Workout of the Smart Helmet!

The Smart Helmet® Version 3.0© Telemetry & Architectural plan is well underway.  This plan addresses Smart Helmet subsystem component performance AND concussion reduction performance. The Smart Helmet’s® central computer is being configured for time division multiplexing. The phas...

Smart Helmet® Version 3.0© Transmission Testing Completes

Phase 3 of the standoff transmission testing on the Smart Helmet® Version 3.0©successfully completed this week! All objectives were met, and the Silicon Labs si1064 continues to meet all of the requirements of our phase 3 testing which included non line of site and obscura testing. A fourth phase...

Work Begins on Smart Helmet® Version 3.0©

Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the start of work on The Smart Helmet® Version 3.0©.   This version will include the integration of the telemetry design module.   Phase 3 of standoff transmission continues in the coming week.  Old leather helm...

Head Health III Challenge-Purdue University Neurotrauma Data at Work

CMT is happy to report our completion of our submittal for the Under Armour-NFL-GE-NIST Head Health Challenge 3.   We are confident, with the support of the results from the MIT studies conducted by Andrew Vechart, Young, Goel, et al that we submitted a reasonable and competitive proposal....

Stand Off Power Tests of The Smart Helmet® Complete!!!!

Happy to report Phase 1/2 of the standoff power tests successfully completed--all objectives met!!!

High Speed Valves-Prototype Version 2.9

CMT extends a thank you to TLX Technologies for the excellent Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) and discussion on their high speed solenoid valve capabilities.  We look forward to our follow up later in the week. This week, peer reviews begin on our Smart Helmet® Wireless Programmable Hel...

Smart Helmet Dampening Module Tests!

We are happy with the results of our recent testing using water in The Smart Helmet® dampening module.  Water’s relative abundance and excellent viscous characteristics make it a great choice.  Testing was conducted at 72 deg F/22 dec C. Water viscosity vs Temperature--at work in T...

Command and Control Module in Test

  This week we are focusing on our draft response for the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III! Game on, as we look forward to submitting our proposal in the coming month!Additionally, excellent progress continues in the test and integration of The Smart Helmet’s transceiver module:  ...


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