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Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC

121 S. Tejon Street Suite 1107
Colorado Springs, Co 80903
Phone: (719) 347-1693

Company Staff & Consultants

Troy A Fodemski
Managing Partner & Founder
Phone: (719) 347-1693

Founder of CMT, author/co-author of numerous patents. Background in project planning and execution, and technical experience with microprocessor design, and sensor interfaces. Authored numerous RFPs, and has written proposals for the company’s intellectual property and concepts.

Stefanie Harvey
Business Manager
Phone: (719) 347-1693

Business manager at Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC, located in Colorado Springs, CO. Stefanie is responsible for the day to day operations of CMT, and her responsibilities include technical evaluation and proof-reading of all technical documents and direct interface with helmet manufacturing companies and media executives directly. Ms. Harvey is also responsible for all filings and interfacing with the USPTO.

Leigh Westin

Technical Editor for Concussion Mitigation Technologies. Leigh is a published author and professional editor. Leigh serves as editor of all of CMTs written and published material.

Mark Bowers

Technical Publicist for Concussion Mitigation Technologies. Mr. Bowers has served as the tech editor and publicist on numerous CMT documents.

Diane Birkeness

Director of Media Relations. Diane has over 20 years' experience in executive level media relations, and is the author of all of Concussion Mitigation Technologies executive briefings and roadshow material.

John Pattison

Physicist. John is a former University of Arizona professor, and now serves as a technical consultant to CMT. John's particular area of expertise and support to CMT is in the area of modeling the brain movement upon impact, and identifying the mathematical equations suited for the follow on finite element analysis phases.

Dr. Mohamed Ahmida

Chemist, chemical engineer, and co-author of the NFL-GE Head Health Challenge I proposal. Dr. Ahmida specializes in the measurement of electrochemical surface coatings, and potentiodynamic polarization measurements, and Fourier transform analysis.

Steve Beyer -

As Director of Client Services, Steve Beyer manages the relationship between the client and Pivot. With the company since 1997, Beyer started as a mechanical design engineer and has experience in the areas of project management, engineering and account services.Beyer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Bill McGaw -

Business Director of Pivot International. Mr. McGaw has collaborated with CMT on establishing requirements, and developing proposals in accordance with numerous RFPs that CMT has issued.

External Collaboration
Dr. Stuart Brown -

Dr. Stuart Brown is currently managing partner of Veryst Engineering, an engineering consulting firm located in the Boston area. Veryst provides services in product design, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis. Dr. Brown's technical background includes mechanical engineering and materials science. Specific topics of expertise include strength of materials with subspecialties in plasticity, fracture, fatigue, elasticity, viscoelasticity, creep, fatigue, wear, and viscoplasticity.

Dr. Nagi Elabbasi -

Dr. Nagi Elabbasi is a Managing Engineer at Veryst Engineering. Dr. Elabbasi’s primary area of expertise is modeling and simulation of nonlinear and multiphysics systems. He has extensive experience in finite element modeling of structural, CFD, heat transfer and acoustic systems, including contact and impact, nonlinear material modeling, commercial code development, structural-acoustic coupling, conjugate heat transfer, and fluid-structure interaction problems.

Ms. Karen Dunne

Karen is the owner and operator of Maven Design Studio, and supports the maintenance and management of design changes to Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC.

James G. Dziadulewicz -

Jim is the founder and owner of Infinite 3DFX Graphics and Simulation. Infinite 3DFX is located in Camarillo, California. Jim and his team have worked on numerous Hollywood films and documentaries for the history channel. Infinite 3DFX has produced numerous short films and simulations for Concussion Mitigation Technologies of brain movement after impact and of a software in the loop heads up display for an early prototype.

Mark Riesturer

Mark is a professional artist and illustrator. Mark serves as the primary proposal illustrator for Concussion Mitigation Technologies, and most recently has been supporting proposal development for the NFL-GE Head Health Challenge II submittal and supplemental patent drawings:

Carla Wink

Ms. Carla Wink is the Marketing Director for The Concussion Place located in Colorado Springs. Ms. Wink also serves as media relations advisor and networking to the neurological community for Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC.

Wemimo B Agbesola

Mr. Agbesola serves as a consultant to CMT, having previously served in the capacity of Chief Engineer. Mr. Agbesola is a co-author of numerous patents under CMT, and was instrumental in the design of the interior air bag geometry of the Smart Helmet, and the CONOPS for the Assembly Integration & Test (AI&T) for the helmet. Mr. Agbesola is currently serving as President and CEO of WOSS Engineering.

Neurologist/Neurosurgeon support
Dr. Brad Gulla, P.C.

Dr. Brad Gulla is the owner and Operator of numerous 'Concussion Clinics' in Colorado Springs,CO. Dr. Gulla serves as a technical advisor and Consultant to Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC. In the areas concussion treatment, helmet design, sensing, and human factors engineering.

Dr. Randall Bjork, M.D.

Neurologist, Colorado Springs Neurological Associates. Dr. Bjork is an expert in cutting-edge brain scanning methods. Dr. Bjork serves as an advisor to CMT, and has endorsed the Smart Helmet TM patent in terms of wishing to see it fully developed.

University & Research Collaboration
Dr. Eric Nauman, Purdue University -

Dr. Nauman serves as a consultant to Concussion Mitigation Technologies. Dr. Nauman is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and a member of The Purdue Neurotrauma Group. He is the author of numerous patents in higher helmet technology, and is the co-author of numbers papers on the sub-concussion phenomenon.

U.S. Air Force Academy Research Department -

Working with USAFA’s Sports Medicine Lab for testing of prototypes and future work to include utilizing their network of supercomputers for advanced simulation of brain and upper torso movement.

Intellectual Property Counsel
Mark Pannell -

Intellectual Property Law for Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC. Mark has authored NDAs and serves as an advisor to CMT on all Intellectual Property matters.

Richard Hanes

Mr. Hanes is the President of Hanes & Bartels Law, LLC in Colorado Springs. Mr. Hanes has over 30 years in Intellectual Property Law, and is the lead attorney for Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC for numerous patents, including the International Patent.


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