Concussions in football: The president is watching

The president of the United States is worried about the most pressing college football issue of our time — and that certainly isn't the Bowl Championship Series, a playoff system or even Manti Teo's social life.

The carnage of concussions has Barack Obama's attention, as it should everyone, before this sport implodes like an NCAA investigation. Speaking of the NCAA, the home office might want to have an answer, when the White House starts asking the questions.

We talk conference realignment to death and turn the BCS standings into a civil emergency. The plague that gets the most attention is the Southeastern Conference's run on national championships. And when the NCAA gets debated, it's invariably whether it should be paying the athletes more.

What it ought to be doing more is finding ways to save their brains, starting with an iron-clad policy of diagnosing and treating concussions that every school must follow — or else.

This is big-time serious, and genuine life-or-death. Higher on the sporting food chain in the NFL and beyond, the victims are piling up. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy started out as a small brush fire that only a few doctors noticed, and it now might burn down the whole sport.

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