High tech football helmet with airbags

An electrical engineer by trade, Fodemski sketched out a rough draft of his idea.

"The first thing that came to my mind was the car airbag, and what if you were to put miniature airbags inside the helmet that were controlled by a computer," he said.

Fodemski said that computer would then control the airbags, inflating and deflating them in certain areas of the helmet upon impact.

"The result of that would be a more precise and intelligent dampening of the forces," he said.

Fodemski's idea is patent approved, and has received recognition from several experts.

Now he and his partner are hoping the design will catch on.

"This idea could be used and incorporated in any activity that uses a helmet, and has external hits coming to the head," Fodemski said.

He said it is long overdue to bring electronics and computers to sports equipment, and added you can not replace your brain.

"If the athletes are going to continue to get bigger and stronger, even at the youth level, then we need to do something," Fodemski said.

The system would be set up so coaches could monitor the helmet's activity from the sideline.

As for cost, Fodemski said initially an individual helmet would cost between $750 and $1,000.

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