Phase 1 Early Trials Set to Begin

Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC, Colorado Springs, CO is set to being it phase 1 trials for the Smart Helmet.  This helmet incorporates a miniature computer, with programmed software and databases to inflate miniature airbags.  The computer predicts the brains movement after the head/helmet is struck with an external force.  

Phase 1 trials will perform numerous modeling and simulation runs with a traditional helmet with foam padding, followed by a helmet with air bags that will theoretically provide more precise cushining of the brain and force dispersion.  These results will be published to the community for review.  A combination of Abaqus, LS-DYNA, and COMSOL  software packages will be used for the phase 1 trials.  Helmet, padding, air bags, brain tissue, and cerebral spinal fluid will all be precisely modeled from the PolyUMod┬« materials library. 
Concussion Mitigation Technoligies is working closely with Veryst Engineering, LLC, in Needham, Massachusetts on this phase of the project.

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