Concussions still worry former NFL backup

A new study has found signs of CTE, a brain disease linked to concussions, in five living, former NFL players. Wayne Clark, a former NFL backup quarterback in the 1970s, is one of them. He figures he had three concussions – one in college and two in the pros -- and he worries about the long-term effects.

"I have occasionally had trouble remembering names and so forth, and I have wondered whether those were age-related or concussion-related," Clark told USA TODAY Sports. "But otherwise, I'm fine."

CTE has been diagnosed only after death by microscopic examination of the brain. The new study at UCLA injected the players with a compound containing low dose radiation. It is designed to attach to tau protein in the brain. Tau protein buildup is the signature for CTE, which has been linked to depression and dementia.

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