The Bigger Picture of Simulating the Body Under Impact

January 2016:

CMT extends a big thanks to professional grant writer Ms. Christine Fischer for her time and advice on our grant strategy moving forward!!!

August 2015:

Advancing the simulation of impacts to the body:  taking it from the top of the head all the way to the mid torso  is what we are doing!

July 2015:

Our 501C3 Non Profit Corporation, the Endowment for Brain Health and Safety, has been renamed to The Alliance for Brain Health and Safety©.


Here is our new logo:

4 May 2015:

The grant is done with peer reviews!

A great functional view of the brain, with the cerebellum housing the balance and rhythm:

2 March 2015:

Team Endowment for Brain Health and Safety is happy to complete revision 1 of our grant submittal, hoping to submit to El Pomar in the April timeframe!!

Many thanks to Cecilia Crossen of El Pomar for providing us the information on grants and the templates!

You can learn more about El Pomar at


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