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Demonstration Film: The Smart Cap

Demonstration Film: 
The Smart Helmet®

Demonstration Film: 
The Electronic Neck & Shoulder Brace

CMT is pleased to announce the receipt of our official trademark certificate 

for The Smart Helmet®.

How everything began..


In 2009 Mr. Fodemski witnessed an on field concussion in a football game and wondered if there could be higher technology placed within the helmet to reduce concussions. It started with a sketch, then another, and another, which lead to a patent application and eventual patent award. Along the way he built some early prototypes, and electronically bread boarded and assembled various helmet configurations in his garage. This has led to five more patents pending in protective helmet technology. It is his belief -and that of the company- that off the shelf technology is available today to integrate within the helmet – and more can be done now to protect our youth and U.S. Military.


Trend Watch

What People Are Saying

Featured Trend Watch Review in Design News:
Helmet Airbags Target Concussion Issues"…taking the concept of the smart football helmet a step further by enabling it to pop open dozens of tiny airbags and cushion the blow of a hard hit to the head."

"I believe that this technology has a great deal of potential and I would like to see it developed further because head injury is a significant, if not epidemic problem in neurosurgery and rehabilitation"
Randall J. Bjork, MD


Featured KOAA5:
Local company changing the future of concussions” Concussions in football are threatening America's most popular sport … has developed, and produced, a prototype football helmet containing padding that acts like an air bag..”.

"As a parent of a child who has had multiple concussions, it is time for more innovative solutions to the concussion problem. I think that The Smart Helmet® by Concussion Mitigation Technologies is a move in the right direction.”
ReNae Anderson

Featured in Fox 21 News by Rachel Welte
”Nowadays it seems everything is going high-tech. Cars, cell phones, and even your kids' toys! So why not a helmet?”.


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