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Smart Helmet®– U.S. Patent 8, 127, 373

Helmet with computer, valves, air bags, sensors that measures external hits and then fires off air bags multiple times to better distribute forces away from the brain.

Advanced Measurement System – U.S. Patent Pending 61, 818, 757
Sensor system for helmet consisting of strain gauges, induction torque sensor, and accelerometers to more precisely measure the magnitude and location of external hit to the helmet.

Induction Torque Sensor – U.S. Patent Pending 61, 832, 174
Miniature torque sensor, to be placed within the helmet, that measures rotary and rotational forces on the helmet.

Electronic Neck Brace – U.S. Patent Pending 61, 878, 467
Soft neck brace consisting of mesh that stiffens once an external force is of sufficient level. Intended to reduce the whiplash effect.

Neck Absorption Bridge – U.S. Patent Pending 61, 876, 579
Light weight interface from helmet to upper torso that relieves the weight and load of existing helmets such as those of military EMTs.

Gel Helmet – U.S. Patent Pending 61, 819, 086
Forward thinking approach in which gel within helmet electrically activated (softened or hardened), that acts as a force dissipater, and eventually replaces need for air bags and other mechanical elements.

On Field Electromagnetic Collision Avoidance System 
– U.S. U.S. Patent Pending 61, 819, 207

System solution employing electromagnetic techniques to reduce or induce collision avoidance while on field or in operations.

Advanced Spectrographic Brain Scanner – U.S. Patent Pending 61, 818, 845
Scanner that exploits spectral properties that allows for scanning and detection of key brain chemicals and depict them at high level of resolution.

Smart Helmet® – Currently in Statement of Use (SOU) Phase 

In final fact finding with USPTO.

International Patent  – International Patent Pending US12/27758
International Patent has been filed on the Smart Helmet®, with the patent proceeding through the National Phase.

Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC – Copyrights
On Legally Licensed Company name and Company logo.


1) The Smart Helmet®
2) Advance Measurement System (AMS)
3) Induction Torque Sensor (ITS)
4) Electroconductive Nanogel Helmet
5) Advanced Spectrographic Brain Scanner

1)The Smart Helmet®

The Smart Helmet® Microcontroller Computer Aided Design drawing: Advanced Measurement System: U.S. Patent Pending 61, 818, 757


Omegadyne Corporation: Strain Gauge Computer Aided Design: The Smart Helmet®: U.S. Patent 8, 127, 373


OP3 Micro-Controller Unit


OP3 3a Micro-Controller Unit


OP2 Solenoid Valve


2)Advance Measurement System (AMS)

Computer Aided Design drawing: Advanced Measurement System: U.S. Patent Pending 61, 818, 757


Computer Aided Design drawing: Advanced Measurement System: U.S. Patent Pending 61, 818, 757


AMS 5a Micro-Controller Unit


AMS 5 Micro-Controller Unit


AMS 4a Induction Torque Sensor


AMS 4 Induction Torque Sensor Patent

AMS 3a Strain Gauge


AMS 3 Strain Gauge


AMS 2a Accelerometer 


AMS 1 Advanced Measurement System 


3) Induction Torque Sensor (ITS)

AMS Induction Torque Sensor embedded in between helmet shell


AMS 4 Induction Torque Sensor Patent


AMS 4a Induction Torque Sensor


Computer Aided Design of the Induction Torque Sensor: U.S. Patent Pending 61, 832, 174


4)Electroconductive Nanogel Helmet

GH 2A Micro-Controller Unit


GH 2 Micro-Controller Unit


GH 1 Electro-Conductive NanoGel Helmet


5)Advanced Spectrographic Brain Scanner

ABS 3 Advanced Brain Scanner


ABS 3a Advanced Brain Scanner


ABS 2 Advanced Brain Scanner Frequency Box


ABS Advanced Brain Scanner Frequency Box


ABS Frequency Box


ABS 3 Advanced Brain Scanner


Computer Aided Design Drawing: Advanced Spectrographic Brain Scanner-Neurotransmitter Tuner: U.S. Patent Pending 61, 818, 845



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