Our Team

Executive Leadership

Mr. Troy A. Fodemski – President & General Manager

Troy is the founder of Concussion Mitigation Technologies and inventor of The Smart Helmet and numerous other innovations in the field of concussion mitigation. He is a graduate of Purdue University (B.S. Engineering) and University of Southern California (M.S. in Systems and Safety Management). Troy founded Concussion Mitigation Technologies, LLC in 2013. He has  thirty two years in leading and supporting high technology projects. Troy has received a letter of commendation as and the highest individual technical excellence award as a DOD contractor.  He and the company have nearly 20 patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the Intellectual property portfolios.

Executive Technical Staff

Mr. T. K. Nelson-Chief Engineer (Photo Coming Soon)

Mr. Nelson serves as the Chief Engineer for the company and oversees all facets of the test campaign.   Test readiness, test plan reviews, and discrepancy/enhancement allocation across the test cases are Travis’ primary areas of responsibility.  Travis also supports NEXT Gen design requirements and planning for the evolution of the Smart Cap. 

Mr. Rhett Rodewald-Software Lead

Rhett leads and supervises the development of our software and firmware for the Smart Cap application.  Rhett also has expertise in and leads the design and integration of our data analytics CONOPS for the Smart Cap and the Network Operations Center (NOC) for the evaluation of the data from the Smart Cap.  Rhett leads the company effort for the development of requirements, issuance of RFPs, down selection process, and trade space studies.


Technical & Administrative Staff


Ms. Jessica Ruth- Executive Assistant-Business Development

Jessica is at the forefront of our business development and direct interface to our investors and external subcontractors.  Jessica directs communication with our candidate investor groups and issues RFPs on behalf of the company.




Mr. James G. Dziadulewicz-Film and Video

Jim has produced multiple films for our company which have portrayed our disruptive technology having an impact on concussion diagnosis and treatment in the sports and military sectors.  Jim has worked on acclaimed feature presentation films for the Discovery Channel and films that have been nominated for an Academy award.




Mr. Jay De Halas-Hardware Design and Integration

Hardware expert who designs and produces our custom and proprietary wireless circuit boards.  Jay’s expertise includes the design and development of printed circuit board layouts, power budgets, EMI, parts procurement/obsolescence, and wireless charging. Jay also has expertise in RF integration and capacitive sensing technologies and provides risk analysis of emerging technologies and capabilities.

Mr. Mark Bowers-Senior Graphics Design

Mark serves as Concussion Mitigation Technologies graphics designer and maintainer of our baseline documentation.  Mark develops and maintains company presentations and documentation for both internal and external distribution and reviews.   Mark has 30 years plus of experience in this domain and his area of expertise.

Mr. Richard Sobe-Information Technology

Richard has 32 years plus experience in information technology and provides support to Concussion Mitigation Technologies in the area of software, database, and firmware baseline management for our tools and our specific product lines.    Richard is assisting in the development of the requirements for our operations center which will manage, maintain, and distribute the data and reports from the Smart Cap® to end users, physicians, universities,  and a community of experts.

Board of Advisers

Mr. Charles Burnett

Charles is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is our hardware design, test , and integration expert.  Charles has lead the effort in the development of the firmware for the the Smart Cap’s ® proprietary circuit board and his resume includes nearly 30 years of hardware design, test, and evaluation. 

Mr. Kevin Conrad, Esq.

Kevin is a Philadelphia area attorney whose practice includes financing and development strategies and transactions for emerging growth companies and the investors who support them. Among other things, Kevin’s practice encompasses private equity and venture capital transactions, debt and equity offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. Kevin is a graduate of Bucknell University and Temple University – Beasley School of Law.




Mr. Julian Heron

Julian serves as our financial consultant and assists with the progression of our company valuation and revenue models.  Julian works in the investment industry and has provided expertise in our business plan, prospectus, and strategies in reaching out to the investment community.




Mr. Steve Lewis

Steve is a former CEO of Xlnt Brain and now supports CMT in an advisory role with expertise in company valuations, revenue models, exit strategies, and sales strategies.   Steve created our Software as a Solution model, detailed exit strategy, and validated the companies Return on Investment model.